Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As a cheese course. Try a selection of goat cheeses, fresh and aged, or perhaps focus on a single large wedge of aged goat cheese. Whatever you do, the cheese course should always be accompanied by a good crusty country bread or baguette. If you are offering a variety of cheeses, it is a good idea to provide a bunch of seedless grapes, ripe pears or granny smith apples to freshen the palette between tasting.

In a cheesecake. Try substituting Coach Farm® fresh goat cheese for cream cheese or Coach Farm® artisan goat milk ricotta for ricotta that is specified in most cheesecake recipes.

And for the perfect breakfast. Fresh goat cheese on a lightly toasted bagel with a cup of your favorite morning beverage is a good way to start off the day. Once you have tried a really fresh goat cheese, you will never go back to ordinary cream cheese again.

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