Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last week we met with Creative Edge Parties an upscale catering company in Manhattan, NY. They believe the food they serve should be equal to the most exciting and innovative restaurants in NYC. We had the pleasure to meet Brian Holbach the Lead Chef for Creative Edge Parties and interview him.

We met Chef Brian following a luncheon last month. This luncheon featured many Dutch foods at the New Amsterdam Day Festivals. Chef Brian featured our Coach Farm Goat cheeses at the event.

Brian knew at 14 years old he had the natural skills for cooking and passion for the culinary world.

CF- What inspired you to be a chef?

BH-I started young my first job was when I was 14, years old. I loved everything about the culinary world and why not do what you love.

CF- What was your first job in the food world?

BH- A dishwasher.

CF-When were you first introduced to Coach Farm Cheeses?

BH- My first job was at Local Vintage, they introduced me to your cheeses and I fell in love!

CF- What is your favorite application of Coach Farm Goat Cheeses?

BH- Goat Cheese Tart, Caramelized Onions, Candy Pecans and for dessert Goat Cheese Cake.

CF- How has the local food movement changed the way you cook?

BH- It placed more emphasis on the ingredient it heightens the respect on whatever ingredient you feature, I love using Fresh Organic local delivery right from the farms you can't duplicate what nature can do.

CF- What is your favorite childhood meal?

BH- Spaghetti and meatballs just like my mom use to make me make her.

CF-What is in your fridge right now?

BH- Corn, all kinds of variety of potatoes. Coach Farm Goat Cheeses of course. Natural grass feed beef, apples, local honeys all kinds of fall produce because I know its coming.

CF-One thing you can't live without?

BH- Coffee and a knife I can do allot with a knife.

CF-What are your plans for the future?

BH- Developing my craft and taking time to travel I have a trip planned to Asia it

should be great.

CF-Do you ever use cookbooks?

BH-Yes absolutely all the time.

CF- What is your favorite cookbook?

BH- Culinary Artist, this book was kept right in their kitchen office.

CF-Do you cook at home or do you get home after work and eat cereal for dinner?


After our interview we sampled some of their mouth watering appetizers we took many photos. We had a wonderful time at Creative Edge Parties and look forward to tasting some of Chef Brian's new creations using our Coach Farm Goat Cheese applications! The staff at Creative Edge Parties just finished creating their new fall menu and Coach Farm's "As Fresh As It Gets Products" look forward to being a part of their new fall sensations!

We welcome all other chef's that use our Coach Farm product's to reach out and e-mail us if you would like Coach Farm to come visit you to. We look forward to tasting your creations!

E-mail us at coachinfo@coachfarm.com

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