Monday, September 22, 2008

Coach Farm vs. Manolo Blahnik

This morning we came across this blog post and just had to share it! It says something when your cheese is preferred over a pair of Manolos!

September 19, 2008
Murray's Cheese is as magical as a unicorn.

It's got everything going for it. A perfect location. CHEESE. Olives of every ilk. CHEESE. Weird and special yogurt. CHEESE. Oh you get my drift.

The thing is, I'm a little bit terrified of the cheese counter.Without hesitation I'll pick up off-the-shelf items like honey on the comb, artisinal butters and yogurts, small loaves of local bread, and other rare and special things. But pulling a number for service at the counter. . . I just can't do it.

And that's why I have to call in my cheese husband, Vince. Lisa and Vince have perfect taste, and they always know a lot about the delicasies that rock. They've introduced me to truffle cheese, and Mrs. Quick's cheddar, and all kinds of Murray's delciousness. So when I get a hankering for a hunk of cheese, I ask Vince to come along. He knows the best cheesemongers and all the right questions to ask them. Tonight I wanted a goat cheese, and after answering 5 quick questions I came away with a perfect, mild, semi-soft goat cheese from Spain. Feeling brazen, I chose a tasty wedge of riccotta salata all on my own. Oh how I love living in a city where I can walk a few blocks, open a door, and have unlimited access to the world's very best cheese. Carrie Bradshaw had her shoes, but I'll take a Coach Farm Triple Cream over Manolo's any day.

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